LAND TITLE SURVEYS - If you require a Land Title Survey, Reid Land Surveyors will provide you with a complete survey and site plan identifying all physical features and providing you with a survey of your Real Property that is both free and clear of all survey questions.  Using state of the art instruments and a highly sophisticated Autocadd software we provide complete and accurate detail to your Land Title Surveys.

MORTGAGE SURVEYS - Throughout our company’s history mortgage surveys have been an important part of our business.  We have worked throughout Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk County to provide comprehensive and complete mortgage survey service to several major lending institutions and law offices.  All surveys and plans are prepared in accordance with ATLA/ACSM guidelines.  While others simply define problems, we take the time to understand your needs and help you solve your problems.  All of our plans our customized to accomplish the specific goals of our clients.  As with all of our work we take pride in our results!

LAND COURT SURVEYS - Whether it is a new registration or a sub division of previously registered land, a thorough knowledge of land court rules, regulations, and procedures is critical.  Our knowledge and experience in this area is extensive.  We believe that it is in the best interest of our client’s to do the work right the first time to avoid costly delays.  We take the time to care about our customers need and help the,m move the process through the system both quickly and efficiently.

PROPERTY LINE SURVEYS - The process of property line surveys can be both complicated and time consuming.  Usually the process requires research at the Registry of Deed, as well as Town Hall.  In some cases it may even involve working with Local Engineering Department, or work at the Land Court.  We take all the steps necessary to do the job right.  Our field work is conducted and then reviewed in the office under ideal conditions rather than rushing to complete the process in the field.  When we have questions or concerns we continue the process until we’re comfortable that the job is both accurate and complete.

SUB DIVISIONS & LAND DEVELOPMENT - As the availability of new land is decreasing, it is very important to maximize the use of existing land.  Using state of the art automation, Reid Land Surveyors prepares complete layout and design of both large and small parcels attempting always to find the optimum land utilization strategy.  Our design work includes engineering specifications, road work, drain layouts, and sanitary sewer.  We work with you to understand your goal for the land and then build plans to realistically meet those goals.

SITE PLANS - If your needs call for residential or commercial building layouts, full utility design or simply driveways and parking, Reid Land Surveyors is the right choice for you.  Our site plans will provide you with complete and accurate designs for development or permit filing.

ENGINEERING SERVICES - Often time our clients need our engineering services to design roads, determine grade and fill requirements, PERC Test, complete wetland studies, design subsurface disposal systems, etc.  Our full service engineering capability allows us to meet their needs in this regard, and as always our emphasis is quality and accuracy!